4 violations you need to avoid in your workplace

Work rules and regulations should be clearly communicated to both the employer and the employee in order to maintain a healthy work environment and a profitable business. Although all employees are aware of their rights and responsibilities in the workplace, it can be difficult for employees to speak up for their rights for fear of losing their jobs.
All business owners know the penalty for letting go of a good candidate and the hassle of time and effort that will be invested to find a backup employee with the same skills for this job role.
So, in order to keep profitability, productivity and providing employees with a safe work space, there is 4 main violations that you need to avoid.

1- Discrimination at the workplace
Discrimination has many forms, whether of color, gender, or ethnicity. The employer or manager may use his power to ignore such incidents and the filed complaint to avoid internal and external issues.

2. Overtime and minimum wage
It should be obvious for management to maintain equal pay for the job role regardless of the employee’s gender or background, as well as to offer overtime for each extra hour worked.

One study has proven that organizations lose 5% of their revenue to fraud each year. Sometimes an employee finds out that the company’s expenses on paper exceed the actual cash spent in real life, so speaking up about this issue may lead to their termination from the workplace.

Women in the workplace may face physical or verbal harassment and violations, but they find it difficult to speak up, especially if the violator has the upper hand, so they prefer to remain silent in order to keep their jobs. 

Having a reporting tool where you can file any complaint or weird incident at work is a must for both the employer and the employee. It keeps everyone safe and sound as well as helping the business flourish and limiting the company’s losses. iVoiceUp is a user-friendly whistleblowing tool that allows employees to speak up directly to the high board while remaining anonymous, allowing them to keep their jobs. It’s also intelligent software that eliminates spam complaints, gives the company a way in to know the day-to-day issues, and resolves any problem according to the company’s policies and overall regulations. In the last year, iVoiceUp has saved 7M USD for some businesses and looking forward to more business achievements in all industries in 2023.